Property Management 
"We Shine Brighter Than The Rest"

Management Services 

  • Drive community on a regular basis and make recommendations to Board of Directors for repairs/projects.
  • Diagnose maintenance items and supervise repairs.
  • Obtain competitive bids from vendors for projects to be performed and present to Board of Directors. 
  • Supervise onsite personnel and contracted employees. 
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings to assess progress on projects and discuss new items of business. 
  • Handle all Association correspondence and keep the Board apprised of any items of concern. 
  • Assist the Board in the enforcement of the Association rules and regulations. 
  • Assist residents with all application processes and any other needs. 
  • Update the Board routinely on legal, financial or administrative issues.

Administrative services 

  • Assist residents with applications and forms needed for each community. 
  • Store all Association files and records for review as needed. 
  • Provide residents with gate access cards, keys, clickers or barcodes. 
  • Prepare and send all notices for community Special Meetings, Budget Meetings and Annual Meetings. 
  • Post meeting sign for monthly Board Meetings at least 48 hours prior to meeting. 
  • Respond to all resident requests for assistance. 
  • 24 hour emergency service provided to all communities. 


  • Prepare monthly and year to date statements with budget comparisons. 
  • Maintain general ledger and up to date roster of owners for all communities. 
  • Prepare and issue assessment coupons to all residents. 
  • Supply copies of monthly financial reports to Board of Directors. 
  • Prepare annual budget and review with Board of Directors. 
  • Review invoices from vendors and send to Board of Directors on a payment release form requesting approval to pay. 
  • Assist residents with account balances or relay to Association attorney if account is in collections. 
  • Work side by side with Association attorney to provide ledgers for accounts that are past due. 
  • Mail past due notices to residents as needed. 

field inspection services 

  • Inspect each community on a monthly basis or more frequently at the Boards request. 
  • Take photos of properties in violation of Association rules and regulations. 
  • Send notices to owners in violation. 
  •  Schedule monthly Hearings with Grievance Committee and take minutes to be sent to Board of Directors for review. 
  • Send certified return receipt notices to residents who must obtain a Hearing. 
  • Close out violations once they have been completed. 
  • Meet with residents who would like to discuss their violation or are requesting further information on why they are in violation. 

cleaning services 

  • ​Clubhouse and guardhouse cleaning includes gyms, racquetball courts, tennis courts, pool decks, kitchens, playgrounds and restrooms. 
  • Replenish supplies in restrooms
  • Dispose of trash at all locations
  • Clean baseboards and walls 
  • Window washing 
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Replace air fresheners
  • Waxing furniture 
  • Cleaning grout in restrooms

maintenance services 

  • Pressure cleaning projects 
  • Handyman services 
  • Water intrusion repair and cleanup
  • French drain installations
  • Painting
  • Landscape installs 
  • Signage installations 
  • Weir checks 
  • Irrigation modification for new plantings
  • Lighting repairs and replacements 
  • Caulking and sealing 
  • Mulch installations
  • Fence repairs or removal