We Shine Brighter Than The Rest! 

 Falicia Demary, President of Soleil Property Management, founded her company based on ethics, integrity and the highest standards of service for her clients. She provides solid expertise and professionalism in the management of her communities.

"The keys to a successful business are providing exceptional customer service and above all else HONESTY." - Falicia Demary 

Falicia attended Florida State University where she majored in Communications and Journalism. She began her career in Property Management as an Administrative Assistant and Property Manager for a residential community of 879 homes. 

She obtained her LCAM in 2008 and has been steadfastly working in the field for the last 14 years. She has a true passion for Property Management! 

Falicia is proud to announce her accomplishment of being chosen as one of the TOP 10 Portfolio Property Manager's in the Nation for 2015!

customer service 

We provide the fastest and most efficient customer service to all of our communities. Emails and calls are always answered within the same business day.

Top 3 reasons why we shine brighter than the rest...

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We always keep the Boards apprised to any discrepancy we may come across and assist our Boards in remedying those discrepancies in the most efficient way. 


We are dedicated to going above and beyond to assist our Boards and residents. We dedicate our attention 110% to your community and needs. 

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"We Shine Brighter Than The Rest"

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